Specifications for the Panasonic TY-ST42PX500

The TY-ST42PX500 provides a mounting solution for 37- and 42-inch Panasonic plasma display models TH-37PX500 and TH-42PX500. The pedestal is designed to sit on a flat surface such as a cabinet or home entertainment centre, while the base allows the display to pivot 20 degrees to the left or right. This allows for convenient viewing angle adjustment depending on where the viewer is seated in the room.


The pedestal is approximately 27.1 inches wide, which is about 18 inches narrower than the TH-42PX500 and 14 inches narrower than the TH-37PX500. The pedestal stands 4.2 inches tall and is 14.5 inches deep. The unit also requires an additional 3.94 inches of empty space on each side and 2.77 inches of empty space at the rear of the television to allow for proper airflow and television overheating prevention. The pedestal weighs 12 Kilogram.


The unit includes all of the hardware necessary for assembly and installation, and requires only a Phillips head screwdriver to complete. The base is custom-sized to fit the TH-37PX500 and TH-42PX500, so no further adjustments are needed during installation. The pedestal also includes two cable routing bands to keep the power, input and output cables at the back of your monitor organised.

Mounting Options

In order to protect your television from being knocked over, the pedestal comes with additional mounting accessories. The base can be secured directly to the object on which it is positioned using pre-drilled holes. The kit also includes screws to secure the base into place and a support band to hold the pedestal. The mount can also use a wall as an additional support via chain or cable, however it is not designed to depend only on the wall.

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