Centrifugal Clutch Advantages

lawnmower image by sumos from Fotolia.com

Generally used in smaller engines for machines like lawnmowers and go-karts, centrifugal clutches use centrifugal force to engage the gears. They connect the driveshaft to the axle, which allows it to spin the wheels.

Essentially, pads inside the clutch push outward on the hub as they spin, and the hub then pushes on the sprocket, which in turn spins the drive train and moves the machine.


This type of clutch requires no control mechanism because it is automatic, which makes starting and driving or manoeuvring the machine easier for the operator. Properly tuned, a centrifugal clutch will also automatically keep the engine at peak torque.

Minimal Brake Force

Because this type of clutch helps prevent the engine from stalling, the operator does not have to use as much braking force on the engine. Centrifugal clutches slip automatically, so the driver does not have to, and once the engine is spinning fast enough, the clutch will not slip as long as it is properly tuned.

Long Lasting

Centrifugal clutches will last indefinitely as long as they are properly maintained.

Simple and Inexpensive

Because a centrifugal clutch has a relatively simple design, it is much less expensive than alternative clutches. This also makes it easy to install. Its simplicity and low cost are what make it a prime candidate for many budget machines with small engines.