What colors look good with brown & turquoise?

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If you are picking out an outfit, decorating your home or simply formatting a poster, the conscious designer should choose colours that complement each other. Aesthetically pleasing colour schemes help draw positive attention, while clashing colours can force people to look away. Matching warm and earth tones to colours like brown and turquoise often creates a pleasant visual.

Feminine Colors

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Light shades, such as pink, lilac, or lavender, complement brown by offsetting brown's dark base, as seen on the colour wheel in colorschemedesigner.com. They create a contrast to the deep tone, thus bringing out the jewel tint that makes turquoise such a distinctive colour. If you want to find a colour that goes with both brown and turquoise at the same time, these shades both match and accentuate the two colours, as recommended in the How to Wear Turquoise Guide in becomegorgeous.com For example, you may want to draw attention to a turquoise necklace by pairing it with a light pink shirt and brown trousers.

Warm Colors

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Turquoise is a cold colour because it find its base in blue. Therefore, its primary complementary colours lie directly opposite on the colour wheel, meaning that warm, red-based colours complement turquoise, according to Pantone's Spring 2011 fashion colour report. Warm colours that complement turquoise tend to be relatively close to the primary red, such as crimsons and maroons, as well as dark shades of orange and bright yellows. Because brown is also a warm colour, it matches with these brighter shades. To tie these colours together, pair crimson curtains with a brown rug and add touches of turquoise and orange decorations to add bold bursts of colour.


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Metallic colours, such as gold, silver, bronze and copper all add a modern touch to turquoise, as exemplified in the turquoise jewellery guide on stylelist.com. Pairing gold with a dark turquoise, for example, creates a dramatic balance between dark and cool shades. And because metallic fabrics are generally more shiny, they draw attention to the intense concentration of colour found in turquoise. Meanwhile, metallic colours tend to share the same base colour as brown, and thus metallic shades match with brown, specifically the darker shades of the colour--as can be seen on the analogous colour wheel in color-wheel-pro.com. Pair a brown sweater with a turquoise skirt and gold and bronze jewellery to create a visually striking colour scheme.

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