What Stores Sell Smooth Move Tea?

blue cup and tea from a blue teapot image by Maria Brzostowska from Fotolia.com

Finding the proper amount of fibre for a given day can be a difficult task at times. A simple solution to this problem is to drink herbal teas that are high in fibre content. Not only do you get to drink a cup of tea, you get things moving at the same time. Smooth Move Tea, though not yet accessible at most neighbourhood grocers, can be found through several venues online. Gastrointestinal relief is just a few clicks away.


It is hard to find a commodity item that Amazon does not sell. Smooth Move Tea is no exception. Their website features more than ten varieties of Smooth Move tea, including: regular, chocolate, and organic teas in both six- and sixteen-bag boxes. They also offer Smooth Move fibre in capsule form. The prices on this site range from £2.40 to £13.40.

U Can Health

This online health-supply store offers the traditional Smooth Move tea at £2.8 for the 16-teabag set. They also carry chocolate, and organic Smooth Move products, as well as other medicinal teas, most of which range in price from £2 to 5. The website shows all the states in which their products are sold, as well as similar health-service products.

The Find

The Find pulls together search options from multiple organisations and companies, offering all the prices and products on one page. You have the option of finding coupons for a given Smooth Move Tea, or choosing between competitors regarding volume, price, or variety. Their lowest price for Smooth Move tea is £2.30 for the sixteen-pack chocolate smooth brand. They also carry options for dietary supplements.

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