Natural Baling Twine Crafts

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Baling twine is the twine that holds together bales of hay. Owners of livestock often end up with large piles of durable baling twine. This twine is often a natural fibre. There are a several different crafts, such as braided dog collars and leashes or knitted rugs, that utilise this excess natural twine.

Braiding or Weaving Crafts

Create a number of useful items by braiding or weaving together the long and strong natural baling twine. Braid together several strands of twine to create a dog leash or natural looking dog collar. Create other items, such as belts, by weaving together baling twine strands. The number of strands of twine you use in each project depends on the desired thickness for the final craft. Weave the strands under and over each other or braid by crossing three strands over and under each other. If you need a longer strand, tie two twine strands together with a small knot.

Knitting or Crocheting Crafts

Knit or crochet natural baling twine into items such as outdoor rugs or doormats. Natural baling twine is very durable, so it will stand up to being walked on. To knit or crochet with the twine, tie several twine strands together to create a long strand, adding more as you go. Then, choose your favourite knitting or crocheting pattern and use the twine as you would any other yarn.