Downloadable hen party invitation templates & ideas

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Hen parties are a hoot for the bride-to-be and her esteemed guests. Send hen party invitations using templates designed to capture the invitees' attention. Choose bachelorette invitations templates to download and customise at your convenience and according to your creative vision. Borrow wording from existing invitations or add your own whimsical lines. Make your invitations pop and sizzle as they pull your invited guests into a night to remember.

Hen Party Templates

Hen party invitation templates include images and blanks for all of your party information. Download a hen party template that fits your plans for the budding bride's last single night with the girls. Choose from hen party invitation templates emblazoned with the obvious images of chickens, with images of flowers or with images of seductive, yet angelic women provided by Select party invitations with room to add lines with a personal touch. Choose online invitation providers that offer invitations in Word or PDF format.

Extend the Invitation

How you announce your hen party is an important element of your invitations. Download invitation templates with space to pen a poem or announcement with your own flair. Borrow lines from the Popular Weddings Songs website.

"Maria will no longer be a Miss. All she desires is a little wedding bliss. So please bring her a pair of panties, Lacy or silky, no matter how scanty. And her wedding night will be more than a kiss!" Or, choose more standard invitation verbiage, like lines from "Come join BRIDE and dance the night away

before she walks down the aisle on her wedding day! Girl's Night Out."

Hen Party Details

Follow party information prompts included in many downloadable invitations. Provide invited guests with day, date, time and location of your party. Indicate RSVP and the deadline date. If guests will need directions, include a map or linear directions. Send your invitations 4 weeks in advance so guests who have to travel have time to make plans.

Polishing Touches

With the images, wording and details in place, all you need to do is print and send or e-mail your custom hen party invitations. Print the invitations on heavy bond paper or card stock. Use cream or ivory-coloured paper for invitations with a classic theme; or, pump up the energy level with neon or bright pastel paper to inspire anticipation for an unforgettable party. Place the invitations in colour-coordinated envelopes if sending by post. Let invitees know in advance if you plan to e-mail invitations as attached files.

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