50th birthday present ideas for dad

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Celebrate your dad's upcoming 50th birthday with a special cheer and a toast for the future. There's plenty you can do to make the recipient feel good about the life he's led so far and the remainder that lies ahead. Depending on his personal taste, opt for a store-bought comfort gift or make a sentimental one at home that reflects his past and shows how important he is to you.


Compile a family scrapbook for your old man as he turns the big 5-0. Rummage through old picture boxes for photos from your parents' past --- their wedding, honeymoon, the birth of you and your siblings, road trips, your marriage, grandchildren and other important events witnessed. Also include memorabilia such as old tickets to a movie your parents went to, old postcards, bills, discount coupons, a cutout of your mom's blouse or dad's favourite dress shirt back from when they were younger or a piece of lace from your mom's wedding gown. Paste the photos and items in chronological order with a caption and date, if possible, under each. Ask your mom or sibling to help out with the dates if you have forgotten. Your dad will love the effort you made in preserving memories from his past.


Take dad on a trip for his milestone birthday to spend quality time with him. Ask him his preference to focus the attention exclusively on what he likes. Ask your mom to come along too. Possible places of interest could include a wine farm, an ancestral home, a baseball game or even a new experience such as scuba diving or snorkelling. Maybe a simple father-daughter picnic lunch in the park is enough to please him. Whatever you plan, rearrange your schedule in advance and convey the message to him so he takes time out from work as well. Once you begin your trip, take special care of the man who devoted his entire life to tending to you and your family.

Comfort Items

Give Dad a comfort gift that relaxes him after a long day at work, such as a personal massage unit easily installed into his favourite sofa, a pair of slip-proof plush slippers to keep the cold out, assorted herbal teas from around the world or even a soft, luxurious pair of pyjamas. You don't have to go out of your way when purchasing the most expensive comfort gift for your old man; in some cases the aches and pains associated with old age are just beginning to kick in, so focus on something to relieve or ease those mild pains.

Personal Interest

Consider what your dad likes and buy him a gift accordingly. For instance, an avid golfer will appreciate prepaid lessons with a professional to fix his swing, a new golf club or even a personal item such as a golf towel with his initials engraved on a side, while the office executive will appreciate a new pair of cuff links or a tie.

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