Games That Teach Kids Humility

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Humility is a very noble quality to have. Those who are humble are respected by others and let their actions speak louder than their words. Humble people can be successful and dynamic leaders. Humility can be wrongly confused with weakness, it is simply being modest and free of arrogance and ego. All humility games should take place after a lesson on humility so that the learning is fresh in the children's minds.

Reminder Cards

Have each child take a recipe card and write down the areas of her life where she could be more humble. These could be circumstances, or things that have happened in the past. Have each child share what she wrote down with the group. The other children will be able to learn more by listening to the experiences of others.


Have children pretend to be secret humble servants. The child should perform a task or do something nice for someone else without them knowing about it. This will help the children practice doing good deeds out of the kindness of their hearts and not for any reward. For example, the child can tidy up after his younger siblings or carry the laundry for a parent. Even if the child is caught doing something nice, the intention was to simply help and serve others.

I Am

Have each child play the "I Am" game. The child lists things they are good at and can be proud of as well as things they are not good at. Everyone has something they are good at and something they can improve upon. Understanding that everyone has this will help the child be humble about those things that he is good at.


Have each child write or tell a story (this can also be done in groups) that gives an example of humble behaviour. This activity gets the children thinking about the different ways to be humble. The child can then share her stories and get even more ideas about humility.

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