Free patio design ideas

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Extend your living space from the inside out with a patio for entertaining, relaxing and dining. Determine your needs for the space before deciding on a location or materials, and be certain to adequately prepare the site before installation.

Depending on the conditions, you may need to add drainage and level the site.

House Beautiful Outdoor Rooms

House Beautiful addresses the outdoor patio room in a 32-image slideshow with captions. Find inspiration for decorating your outdoor space from layout and colours to ideas for outdoor fabric treatments including draperies, cushion covers and outdoor area rugs. Entries range from overview images of spaces to focused descriptions of particular patio components, such as a dining table.

Plants for Patios

To create a cohesive patio design, do not overlook surrounding plantings. Carefully planned border design will help to achieve a more organic aesthetic, according to This Old House. By encouraging border plants to flourish, your patio will look integral to your landscape design rather than appearing tacked on as an afterthought. At the This Old House website, find detailed information about planting a "green" patio constructed from stone and low growing plants that can accommodate heavy to light foot traffic. The site provides brief descriptions of each plant variety with recommendations for use. Patio Design

The website provides an article specific to patio design. Beginning with the definition and addressing purpose, materials and construction, the article gives an overview of various types of patio installations. Find information about general design strategies as well as specifics for slab, stone and paver installations. The article also discusses finishing details for the patio including surrounding landscaping, retaining wall construction and fireplace designs and placement.