Foods Eaten at a Spanish Birthday Party

A Spanish-themed birthday party is a great way to add an unusual flair to any birthday. With a few simple recipes and ingredients, Spanish dishes can be created with ease. The most important thing to remember when arranging the food for a Spanish birthday party is to choose a low-maintenance recipe so that you are not stuck in the kitchen for the entire event.

Defining Ingredients

Most Spanish dishes have simple ingredients packed with interesting and sometimes unusual spices. Paprika is often used for a light flavour and colouring. Olive oil is a staple for almost every dish because olive trees grow in Spain and the surrounding areas. Spain grows almost 70 per cent of the world's supply of saffron, a reddish-yellow spice. Capers are also common, as are seafood, tomatoes and peppers.

Traditional Meals

The most well-known Spanish food that can be served at a birthday party is paella. This dish is essentially Spanish stir-fry, and mixes up all of the ingredients that classify Spanish cooking. Tapas are another traditional Spanish meal. Tapas are actually a Spanish appetizer commonly served with wine. Fish, cheese, breads and even dips can be presented as Tapas. Turron is a traditional Spanish dessert made from sugar, almonds and eggs. The ingredients are mixed together to create a paste that is dried and eaten like candy squares. Another traditional Spanish dessert is churros, which is essentially a fried doughnut dipped into chocolate.

Preparation Tips

Proper preparation is essential for authentic flavour. If you decide to serve paella, consider investing in a paella pan. The pan is designed to bring out the best flavours in every ingredient. Whenever possible choose the freshest seafood and vegetables. Fresh spices also increase the flavour of any dish. Don't forget to add a Spanish wine to top off the festivities.

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