Sleepover Ideas for an Eight-Year-Old Girl's Slumber Party

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By eight years old, your daughter has probably started being invited to slumber parties. When she decides that she wants to host one, you may panic at first. However, hosting a slumber party for a group of eight-year-old girls can be a lot of fun, if organised correctly.

Before the party begins, think through several activities around which you can organise the evening to make the sleepover run more smoothly.

Ghost Stories

Be very careful with the ghost stories that you tell to this age group, as they have the tendency to act more grown-up than they actually are. Silly ghost stories work best, and can let the girls get the "ghost story" time out of the way without anyone actually being too frightened. The R.L. Stein "Goosebumps" series is a good, age-appropriate example of the kind of stories kids of this age are mature enough to handle. Tell a few yourself, and then let the children come up with their own.


No slumber party would be complete without a great selection of films. Having several movies on hand can also ensure that some of the girls will be watching and quiet enough to allow the others to sleep, if they want to. Eight-year-olds are still a little too young for the romantic comedies that older girls can watch, but a little too old for Disney movies (at least, at a sleepover). Pixar films, like any of the Toy Story movies, work very well for this age group, as do certain live-action movies. Take your daughter to the video store with you to let her help pick out DVDs. After all, she knows what her friends will like the best.

Dress Up

Eight-year-old girls are at the perfect age for dress up. Provide them with a selection of your old clothes, particularly any glamorous gowns or jewellery you're sure you'll never wear again. Old prom dresses are a great option for sleepover dress-up. You can find additional clothes from second-hand stores and vintage shops. Another option is to ask each girl to bring over her favourite dress-up items on the invitations. Just make sure each item is labelled with the guest's name before it gets mixed in with other items, to make it easier to sort out belongings at the end of the night.