Hen party invitation ideas

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While most brides are excited to enter the state of marriage, many still desire one last hurrah before walking down the aisle. In American tradition, brides-to-be have this fun at a hen party. In English tradition, this night of freedom is called a hen party. If you wish to provide the bride-to-be in your life with an opportunity to cut loose, prepare a hen party for her and her friends. Set the tone for your event before it begins by creating creative hen party invitations.

L Plate

The L plate is a hen party standard. In English, new drivers' cars are marked with a large red L, which indicates that the operator is a learner. Hen party brides-to-be commonly wear a white placard containing a similar block L. Reflect this tradition in your invite by creating an L Plate Invitation. Simply place a bold, red L on one side of a sheet of card stock. On the other, provide the party details. If sending these cards to Americans who are unfamiliar with this tradition, consider including a note explaining the meaning of the L.

Faux Magazine Cover

British tabloids, like their American counterparts, are commonly on the lookout for celebrities having a raucous time on the town. Poke fun at your bride-to-be by creating an invitation that looks like a magazine cover on which she is featured. Use a computer to re-create the cover of the bride's favourite magazine. Place a humorous picture of the bride on this created cover, and pair it with a headline such as "Bride-to-Be Caught with her Veil Off!" On the reverse of this cover, include party details.

Pretty in Pink

An invitation with a feminine feel that screams "Girls Only" needs a lot of pink. To create this invitation, select a geometric image in shades of pink. If you are unable to find an image that appeals to you in pink, pick a black and white option and recolor it using a publishing or word processing program. Place this image as a watermark on your invitation, and put the party details in a darker shade of pink over it.

Hen Picture

What's a hen party invitation without a picture of a hen? To create this invitation, locate a clip art or photographic image of a hen. Place this image on your invitation card, putting the party information around it. You could swap out the hen's face for a picture of the bride-to-be's. This clever addition will likely induce a chuckle.

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