Printable House Cleaning Checklist

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Having your house cleaning chores organised and simply laid out can cut cleaning time down exponentially. You can move more easily from one chore to the next, and you'll know what cleaning materials you'll need beforehand. A checklist can also help in organising chores for your roommates or family.

It's easier to take care of a given task when the chores are laid out and straightforward.

Living Rooms

Living rooms provide a lot of objects to dust, and they're also areas where items tend to gather. Start by de-cluttering the flat surfaces, putting away books, pens, lighters and the other items that tend to collect on these spaces. Dust all your electronics, as well as any mantels, shelves, tables and flat surfaces. Wipe down walls and baseboard, knick-knacks, lamps and photos, as well as blinds. Clean the windows and window sills. Vacuum the couch and chair cushions. Finally, clean the floor, whether that means vacuuming carpet or sweeping and mopping.

Dining Rooms

Dining Rooms tend to also serve as display areas. Whether you're displaying furniture or knick-knacks, plates or collections, these are all big dust attracters. First de-clutter the flat surfaces, by putting away accumulated items. Then dust all shelves, cabinets, sideboards or other flat surfaces and wipe down any knick-knacks, lamps photos or chandeliers. Wipe down walls and baseboards and then the table, chairs, and blinds. Clean the windows and the window sills. Then either vacuum the carpet or sweep and mop the floor.


Kitchens provide more areas to clean than any other room in the house. Things like dishwashers, refrigerators and ovens require bi-weekly attention, but other chores require more frequent attention. De-clutter the area and put up any gadgets such as mixers, electric kettles, or popcorn makers that you won't be using. Dust shelves and flat surfaces, which includes the top of the refrigerator, an often neglected spot. Wipe down the walls and baseboards, as well as the cabinets, counters, sinks and faucets. Also wipe down containers and the gadgets you're going to leave out, such as coffeemakers, toasters and microwaves. Clean windows and window sill, then sweep and mop the floors and empty the trash.


Start by wiping down the walls and baseboards, as well as any blinds. Clean the mirrors, medicine cabinets, windows and window sills. Clean the faucets, sinks and countertops. Wipe down your shampoos, conditioners and any other bottles that sit out or maybe have old residues on them. Clean the shower liner or doors and the bathtub. Then wipe down the outside of the toilet before cleaning the bowl and lids. Lastly sweep and mop the floor and empty the trash.


The most cluttered part of an office is usually the desk, so straighten and put away whatever's out of place. Dust your computer monitor and your printer, as well as any shelves, bookcases, filing cabinets or storage containers. Wipe down lamps, photos, knick-knacks and blinds. Clean windows and window sills and wipe down the desk before moving on to the walls and baseboards. Either vacuum the carpet or sweep and mop and then empty the trash.