Decorating ideas for stairs

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You may spend a lot of effort brainstorming decorating ideas for your home, such as the walls, rooms and floors, but you've got another option waiting for potential decoration as well--your stairs. Stairs may be a few steps that lead up to your home or multiple flights taking you from top to bottom of your residence, but they offer extra decorative space waiting for your personal touch.

Rug Hook Runners

The needlework hobby of rug hooking (also known as latch hooking), involves working with a sturdy canvas and knotting coloured yarn into designs. Rug hooks often come in kits to make pillows, area rugs and floor runners, in patterns such as flowers, cats, desert scenes and Amish quilting designs. While many rug hook kits come with preset cuts of yarn and coloured canvas patterns, you can make your own rug hook by buying blank canvas and cutting yarn from standard skeins. For your steps, consider taking a long, blank canvas and creating a stair runner, going from the top to bottom of your stairs. Design a pattern that matches your home's decor and colours (the more stairs you have, the longer/larger the runner will be). Once you've completed the runner, anchor the sturdy canvas into place with sticky tack or double-sided foam tape to secure it to the stairs.

Great Garlands

Each year, you may haul out your containers of Christmas decorations and wrap a pretty garland around your stair banister. Garlands are long stretches of thin material, such as foliage or lights, that dress up the stairs during the holidays. The original Christmas garlands contained items that seem more suited to Thanksgiving, such as corn husks, dried fruits and bittersweet mosses, according to the Christmas Carnivals website. Take a cue from the early garlanders and consider adding garlands to your stairs year-round. Create garlands to match the seasons, such as shamrocks in March and hearts in February. Garlands come on and off stairs with ease; just unwind them and store them for the next time. You can even purchase a long, thick sturdy length of greenery to serve as your base garland, then hook or attach small varying decorations to it throughout the year.

Stair Stepping

If you've always got a little bit of dance in your step, add a little bit of dance to your actual steps by painting the foot patterns for actual dance moves directly onto your wooden stairs. Paint grids on each step from bottom to top (or top to bottom for dance steps as you go down the steps), then trace your feet in position for each step, such as the "Mambo Tipco." For example, the step would show your feet painted in the middle of the first step, slightly parted on the second step, and with your left foot in front of the right for the next two steps. If you're a fast learner, paint with water-soluble paints so that you can quickly upgrade yourself to the next step in the program. Each time you travel up or down, you can enjoy a little bit of salsa, swing, foxtrot or other favourite step.

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