Cheap Scottish Gifts

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Gift buying is difficult enough, but when you are low on funds it can be even more challenging. It helps when you know something specific about the recipient, such as hobbies or heritage. On the other hand, it is also good to give a gift that reflects who you are as a gift-giver. Scottish gifts--whether for or from a Scottish person, don't have to be expensive.

Scottish Pride

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Show your Scottish pride by giving someone a bit of Scotland. Pins, flags, T-shirts, hats, scarves and even socks with the Scottish flag or thistle are inexpensive items that are easy to find online or in any Scottish store.

Sweets and Edibles

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Give a taste of Scotland. Sweets such as toffee and shortbread, or savouries such as haggis can be combined into baskets or hampers to make a customised gift. You can create your own baskets by shopping around or you can go online to order premade and custom-made ones.


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Scotland is famous for its whisky so give a bottle as a gift. Bottles range in price depending where you live, local taxes and size of bottle. If the larger bottles are too expensive, look for the mini bottles.

Books and Legends

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Scotland has a history rich with stories and legends. There are many books and poems that depict these stories for all ages. One example is "Wonder Tales From Scottish Myth and Legend", by Donald Alexander Mackenzie. A sure winner for the bookworm on your list.

Family History

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Family trees and names are becoming easier to trace. There are many companies both on and off line that will trace a name or a tree and print out a picturesque certificate that outlines the family history. Family crests and tartans are also available and can be given as gifts. Tartan items can be almost anything--a scarf or mittens, a T-shirt, a bookmark, pillow cases, toys, car accessories or tote bags.

Highland Games

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The highland games are a notable part of Scottish culture. Souvenirs and knicknacks that depict the games can make a good gift. Toy bagpipes, figurines and CDs or DVDs are some examples of souvenirs that can be purchased.

Loch Ness Monster

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The Loch Ness Monster is a long-standing traditional Scottish figure and legend. Stories, toys and figurines of the monster can all be given as inexpensive gifts and are easily found in any Scottish store or online.

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