Error Codes for a Samsung Dishwasher

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When you purchase a dishwasher for your home, you expect a reliable machine that cleans dishes well and breaks down infrequently. Samsung dishwashers have come a long way in particular, testing out different manufacturing companies until finding the most dependable. But even with high-quality dishwashers, errors can occur, and Samsung dishwashers have a series of error codes that help customer support understand the exact problem over the phone.


A Samsung dishwasher will display the "4E" code when there is a problem with the water supply valve. This error, which can occur as a result of faulty installation, may mean that the water supply valve is either not fully open or closed. To try to fix the error, turn the water supply valve clockwise to the fully closed position and then counterclockwise to the fully open position. Low or high water pressure may also cause the problem, as a Samsung dishwasher requires between 9.07 and 54.4 Kilogram per square inch.


The code "LE" stands for leakage error. If this code is displaying, your dishwasher may require service to repair the leak. The best thing to do when this error message displays is to contact Samsung customer support immediately to prevent complications from leaking water.


A display of a "5E" code may mean that the drain hose for your dishwasher is kinked. If this is the case, your dishwasher will need to be removed to inspect the hose. One indication that this is the case would be if there is a great deal of water in your dishwasher at the end of a wash cycle. Contact the person who installed your dishwasher to remove it and inspect the hose. If you installed it yourself, you will either need to hire someone or remove it yourself for inspection.

Heavy, Delicate and Quick

Some Samsung washers use a series of lights to display their error messages. There are lights located above the Normal, Heavy, Delicate and Quick buttons. If the lights are highlighted above the Heavy, Delicate and Quick button, but not over the Normal button, this means that your dishwasher is experiencing a Temperature Sensor error. This functional error requires you to run an empty dishwasher cycle with detergent. If the lights still display the same way, the circuit breaker to the dishwasher should be turned off while a Samsung service centre is contacted.

Delicate and Quick

When the lights above the Delicate and Quick buttons are on, this means that the dishwasher thinks that the door is open. First, attempt to close the door properly and see if the lights go away. If they do not, it is best to call Samsung customer support to see if they can help you with the problem over the phone.

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