What Materials Are iPods Made From?

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Computer and electronics manufacturer created the iPod, an personal audio that has become one of the market leaders. The current iPod line includes players that range in capacity from 2BG to 160GB. The various models offer different features, including the ability to listen to music, watch movies, record video, player games and connect to the Internet.

Stainless Steel

According to Apple, stainless steel is a major component in the iPod Touch, iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle. However, it is one of the lesser materials in the iPod Nano. The iPod Touch and Classic both have a shiny, stainless steel back cover.


Apple includes aluminium components in the iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Classic because this metal is highly recyclable. The outside case of the Shuffle and Classic consist of stainless steel and aluminium while the entire enclosure of the iPod Nano is aluminium.


Plastic materials compose components in all of the iPod models except for the iPod Shuffle. However, plastics make up only a fraction of the total weight of the audio players.


Apple lists the battery as a component of all of its iPods; however, it does not state the basic components of the battery. The iPod battery ranges from 1.9G (iPod Shuffle) to 15G (iPod Touch).

Circuit Boards

Circuit boards are an essential component in all of the iPods. Once again, Apple does not specifically state which materials create this part. Nevertheless, many circuit boards consist of thin copper coils, electrical insulator known as dielectrics, epoxy and a thin solder.


The iPod Touch, Classis and Nano all contain a display that allows the user to view media lists, albums covers and other elements. In the iPod Touch, the display also functions as a touch screen that the user relies on to control the player. However, Apple does not list the base materials for this component.

Other Materials

According to the Apple Environmental Reports on the iPod Nano, Classic and Touch, the players all contain a small amount of other, unnamed material. In addition to this, the second most common material in the iPod Nano and iPod Touch, by weight, is glass. Furthermore, the iPod Classic contains a small amount of metals besides alumnim and stainless steel.

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