How to Reset a Bose CD Player

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Bose claims that its CD players produce a much higher sound quality than most other CD players. Because of this, many Bose CD players are priced at hundreds of dollars--despite being rather small. Bose CD players include a number of customisable features, such as a clock, play options and sound settings. Bose provides a way to reset the settings on the CD player if you desire.

Press the "Menu" button on the panel.

Press the "Play Mode" button a few times until "Reset All: No" displays on the CD player's digital screen.

Press the "Menu" button to change the display to "Reset All: Yes." A "Press 2 to confirm” message will appear on the display.

Press the "Preset 2" button.

Wait as the "Reset complete" message appears on the display. The system will shut down and turn back on about two seconds later. You have now reset a Bose CD player.

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