Bereavement gifts for men

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Men and women express grief in different ways, but the loss of a loved one is always a difficult experience. Bereavement gifts let people know that you are thinking about them during this difficult time. Bereavement gifts offer comfort and perspective to those dealing with great emotional stress.

No gift can replace what they have lost, but they remind the bereaved that they are not alone. Men are taught from a young age that public emotional release isn't acceptable. As a result, they will often strive to appear strong throughout the grieving process, however, they will still need sympathy and support.


Pendants, key chains and bracelets are all traditional sympathy gifts for men. However, if you're looking for something a little less traditional, consider an engraved dog tag. Dog tags are a tactful and masculine piece perfect for a man unaccustomed to wearing accessories, especially if he's uncomfortable wearing a more feminine piece. Dog tags help keep the memory of a lost loved one close at all times. And jewellery lasts much longer than other popular gifts such as flowers, which wilt over time. According to, common engravings include ones of encouragement such as "One Day At A Time" or the name of the lost loved one.


Flowers are a standard sympathy gift for anyone who is grieving, but they are usually reserved as gifts for women. However, flowers create a visual sense of calm that will help men cope during a difficult time. The sentiment behind this gift shows that a person cares about the bereaved, regardless of gender.

Plan an Activity

According to, many men deal with grief inwardly, and will therefore need to be active during the mourning process. While grieving, men will distract themselves by devoting countless hours at work rather than communicating with their friends or family. Try planning an activity with the mourner; you could give him a gift token to a golf course or his favourite restaurant. This will help the grieving man open up about what he is going through because he will be in a comfortable atmosphere. He will enjoy himself, relax and keep busy.

Condolence Boxes

Companies offer condolence boxes to help their employees cope with loss. Condolence boxes can include books or audio on the grieving process, sympathy cards, herbal teas, snacks or comfort food, suggestions to help men emotionally heal following loss and a personal journal for the bereaved to express his thoughts.


There are several books available to help men cope with the loss of a loved one. When A Man Faces Grief by Thomas Golden and James E. Miller, for example. This book explains why men grieve differently than women. It offers a "12-step program" for healing from loss. The book is available for purchase online. Other popular titles include Men and Grief: A Guide For Men Facing the Death of A Loved One by Carol Staudacher; and Golden text, Swallowed By a Snake: The Gift of the Masculine Side of Healing.