Cancer ribbons color list

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Awareness ribbons are pieces of coloured ribbons folded into a loop and worn to represent various types of cancer and other causes. They are typically worn to show support for a loved one who has died from or survived cancer. Some ribbon colours represent more than one cause.

Pink, Blues, Brown and Gold

The most widely recognised ribbon is the pink ribbon, which is worn in support of those who have suffered with and/or died from breast cancer. A blue ribbon is worn to support breast cancer in males. Light blue ribbons represent prostate cancer, and dark blue ribbons represent colon cancer. A brown ribbon is also used to represent colon cancer or colorectal cancer. A gold ribbon is worn as support for a cure and as representation for all childhood cancers.

Teal, Orange, Yellow and Green

Teal represents all gynaecological cancers to include ovarian cancer, cervical cancer and uterine cancer. An orange ribbon is worn to represent and support those who have suffered with leukaemia. Yellow ribbons are worn to represent bladder cancer, and green ribbons are worn to show support for someone who has suffered from kidney cancer or kidney disease.

Purple, Periwinkle and Lavender

A purple ribbon is worn to represent pancreatic cancer, testicular cancer or thyroid cancer as well as a representation of all cancer survivors. Periwinkle ribbons are worn to represent stomach cancer or esophageal cancer. A lavender ribbon is worn to represent awareness of all cancers.

Gray, White and Pearl

A grey ribbon is worn to represent brain cancer or brain tumours. White ribbons are worn to support someone with bone cancer and might also be worn in place of a pearl ribbon to represent lung cancer.

Black, Burgundy and Multicolored

A black ribbon represents a deadly form of skin cancer known as melanoma, and a burgundy ribbon represents myeloma. Multicoloured ribbons represent a combination of diseases. A combination of teal and pink is worn to represent hereditary breast cancer or for a combination of breast and gynaecological cancers. Black and white ribbons are worn to represent characinoid syndrome cancer. A red and white ribbon represents head and neck cancer when worn, and a combination of pink, teal and purple ribbons are worn to show support for those who have suffered from thyroid cancer.