Ideas for making money by making things out of wood

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If you are the creative type, a carpenter or are good with tools, making money by making things out of wood should be no problem. Some projects require few tools and are simple, while others are quite involved. Find your speciality and get to work. Give yourself a supplemental income or make enough to replace a lost paycheck by selling items made out of wood.


People around the world use wood furniture. Some is mass-produced while others are custom pieces created one at a time. Some people enjoy rustic-looking furniture made of logs and old barn wood. Others enjoy the fresh aesthetic appeal of blond maple. If you are able to cut, measure, drill and assemble, build some wood furniture and make some money. Some popular wood furniture items include headboards, television stands, coffee tables, side tables, bookshelves and desks. Many people with children appreciate child-sized furniture, too, like kitchen play-sets, tables and chairs, dressers and stepping stools.

Pass out flyers with pictures of your creations and post flyers at public locations like the grocery store, laundry and gym. Rent a booth at local crafters' fairs and community events. Give your card to everyone you meet. Eventually your business may become lucrative so you could dedicate more time to creating rather than marketing.

Holiday Decorations

Whether you design, cut and carve your wood or buy pre-assembled and pre-cut pieces, you can make money when you sell custom holiday decorations. Think of all the wooden ornamental lawn decorations people set up in their yards for Halloween, Christmas and Easter. Create a design, cut it out and assemble it, or buy unfinished pieces. Paint it in festive colours and set it up in your lawn for all the passersby to see. Add a "lawn decorations for sale" sign with your phone number and your phone will likely start ringing. Setting up a booth at your local flea market or crafter's mall also garners easy exposure.


The trend in toys seems to be all electronic or back to old-school wooden. With the correct tools, a little skill and paint you could create wooden toys to please all ages. Simple designs with few cuts make easy projects, especially if the lumber yard makes the cuts for you. You can make puzzles, nesting dolls, game boards, building blocks, alphabet blocks and matching/memory games from wood. Some toys are available unfinished. Purchase a few and paint them. Set up a booth at your local flea market, community craft fair or church bazaar.

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