Caribbean Crafts for Children

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Teach kids about the Caribbean, a region that encompasses the Caribbean Sea and its chains of islands, by making colourful, whimsical crafts. Caribbean crafts also make ideal tropical-inspired birthday bash decorations. Kids can make the brightly hued crafts during the party and take them home as themed favours.

Vibrant Star Fish

Kids can make colourful starfish crafts to hang on their bedroom walls or to decorate a refrigerator. The crafts are also ideal party projects and favours for beach-themed birthday parties. Five-pointed star shapes are cut out of lime green, bright orange, sunny yellow and turquoise pieces of construction paper. The starfish crafts feature stripes of glue sprinkled with glitter to resemble sparkly spines. Kids can also embellish the paper with tiny glass beads or sparkly rhinestones.

Decorated Seashells

While spending a day at the beach, have kids gather large scallop or clam seashells that are white inside. If you stash a few craft supplies in your beach bag, kids can decorate the shell projects during swimming breaks. Decorate the insides of the washed and thoroughly dried shells with gel markers, acrylic paint and a small brush or glitter glue. Kids can create beach-inspired designs such as crabs, palm trees, ocean waves, sharks or tropical fish.

Toilet Paper Roll Parrot

Teach kids the importance of recycling by turning an empty toilet paper roll into a colourful parrot craft. The crafts make whimsical tropical-themed party table decor. A toilet paper roll, covered with a cut-to-fit piece of bright yellow or orange construction paper or enhanced with a coat of craft paint, forms the body. The toilet paper roll is embellished with vibrantly hued construction paper, craft foam or felt feather shapes. Three feathers are glued to each side of the toiler paper roll, and three to the back of the roll. The parrot's beak is formed with a triangular piece of foam, and two plastic googly eyes are glued to the face portion of the craft. Orange pipe cleaner feet complete the parrot.