The disadvantages of being a famous person

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Many people, especially as children, dream of being famous someday. Whether you aim to become a film star who captures the hearts of young moviegoers, the astute governor of a popular state or the inventor of the next generation of computer software, the idea of being famous can be very attractive.

However, many people fail to realise that though fame may garner you admiration and respect from the masses, some aspects of being famous are less than favourable.

Invasion of Privacy

The lives of film stars and entertainment figures seem so glamorous when we watch them on TV and in the movies. Politicians say all the right things and their families look so picture perfect in those campaign ads. But imagine being followed 24 hours of every day. Such is the life of a famous person. You must always go out looking your best for fear of a haggard picture appearing in a magazine. Additionally, you can expect no respect for personal or family boundaries. Gossip columnists are relentless at finding out every single detail of your private life, including potentially embarrassing details you would never want to be publicised. All in all, the lives of famous people are not their own. If you actually do become famous, expect constant invasion of your private life.


Working in tandem with the gossip columnists and perhaps even more aggressive, the paparazzi go to great lengths to snap intimate pictures of famous people engaged in less than savoury acts. Paparazzi have little or no respect for the privacy of celebrities or their family members. They will chase their targets, hide, camp out and disguise themselves just to get that elusive shot. Many celebrities have sued paparazzi for thousands of dollars for publishing personal photos without their consent. Perhaps the most tragic example of paparazzi aggression was the high-speed pursuit of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed in 1997, which resulted in their car crash and deaths. "Time" magazine reported that paparazzi were initially considered suspects in the case, and indeed, the final inquisition held that they were partly responsible.

Fan Expectations

People generally expect a lot more from you when you are a famous person. Fans expect celebrities to be absolutely perfect in every aspect of their lives, every single day. Such an expectation is impossible for any human being to fulfil. Thus, when famous people are reported as having done something wrong, they are highly scrutinised by the public. If the offence is small, you may be able to work your way back into good standing with good PR guidance. However, if the offence is nontrivial, such as the commitment of a felony or comments that alienate a segment of the population, fans may quite possibly turn their backs on you forever.