Funny Christmas games for an adult party

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Planning adult party games is an ideal way to ensure a lively Christmas party. For party games to be successful, it is important to have a mix of people at the party. Not enough people will limit the games that can be played, but too many people will make the game hard to organise.

Party games work best with groups of people who are outgoing and don't mind being the centre of attention.

Name that Tune

Prior to the party, write the names of as many Christmas songs as you can think of on individual index cards. This game will bring back childhood memories for all of the adults in the room. Similarly to charades, divide the group into two teams. Each member of each team takes a turn picking an index card with a song title. The player hums the melody of that song, and his teammates need to guess the correct title. If the team is unable to guess, the opposing team has the opportunity to steal the point by correctly guessing the song title. Each correct guess equals one point--and the team with the most points wins.

Crazy communication

Crazy communication is a Christmas game suggested on the ReasontoParty website. In this game, the partygoers are paired up. This game works well when all of the adults are couples because each couple can play as a team. Each team will have a turn to sit in chairs with their backs facing each other. Each person is given a tray full of Christmas items, which are the same on each tray. For example, each tray may have a small bell, Christmas ornament or Christmas light bulb. Without looking at each other, one partner will need to describe the location of every item on the tray. While this is happening, the other partner will try to arrange the items on her tray to match her partner's descriptions. The object of the game is for both trays to look identical in the end. This is a timed event, and the team with the most correctly placed items at the end wins.

Eye witness

This is a game based on observation. The crazier the participants are willing to get, the more fun it can be. Each party guest is provided with a pen and pad of paper. During each round, two party guests will leave the room together, and switch items that they are wearing in another room. For example, two women can switch earrings, necklaces, sweaters, hats, pins, shoes or socks. They can switch as many items as they are comfortable switching. The two players will then rejoin the rest of the party guests and stand at the front of the room next to each other. The other guests will need to examine the two players and write down everything they think was switched. Each round is won by the individual who gets the most correct answers.