Fun Things to Make With Pipe Cleaners

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Pipe cleaners are a versatile tool in the crafting world. They take on numerous shapes with a simple bend in the wire and hold that shape until bent in a different way. Because of this, many people choose pipe cleaners as crafting accessories.

Pipe cleaners are safe for children to use as well, though care should be taken when a child is given the pipe cleaners. While the outer part of the pipe cleaner is soft, the core is made out of wire and can poke fingers if not careful.


Plenty of people recall making pipe cleaner flowers growing up. This craft activity can be as simple as shaping the pipe cleaners into flower designs or can be turned into something complex by using additional materials and creating a more three-dimensional flower or bouquet. For more complicated flowers, use materials like buttons, crepe paper, and construction paper to craft bouquets as you want.


Making animals out of pipe cleaners is almost as popular as making pipe cleaner flowers. With a bit of imagination, almost any animal can be fashioned using pipe cleaners and possibly a few supplemental materials. In some cases, you’ll need something to wrap the pipe cleaner around to create a more solid body for the animal. These can be objects like markers for snakes or a marble to create a pig belly. Pipe cleaners come in a variety of colours, which helps with the creation of various animals.

Holiday Decorations

When holidays roll around, decorations can be homemade using pipe cleaners and a few other materials. For example, for Halloween, you can make miniature pipe cleaner skeletons. Craft a skeleton body out of pipe cleaners, then attach a small styrofoam ball to act as the head and draw on a face. For St. Patrick’s day, hang up pipe cleaner leprechauns to get in the spirit of the day. Christmas decorations are easy to make out of pipe cleaners. One popular decoration to make from pipe cleaners is a snowflake. Pipe cleaner snowflakes involve taking several pieces of shiny white or silver pipe cleaners and connecting them so that they resemble snowflakes. The snowflakes can be hung from a Christmas tree or in windows for a whimsical look.


Pipe cleaners can be fashioned into a number of different accessories. Use these for playtime or as cute party favours. Pipe cleaner rings are a popular choice, as the pipe cleaners can be twisted into a ring shape easily. The ring design can be something like a three-dimensional heart or a fake diamond shape using white pipe cleaner. Or use pipe cleaner butterfly antennae as part of a costume. The antennae can be made using a plastic headband and some glue in addition to the pipe cleaners acting as the antennae themselves. To cover the glued-on part of the headband, attach part of a feather boa to make the headband fuzzy.