Easy Ways for 13-Year-Olds to Make Money

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Teenagers are oftentimes looking for ways to make money. However, many young teenagers, such as a 13-year-old, are not able to drive themselves to a traditional part-time job. Still, there are many opportunities for young teenagers to create an income without driving or creating an undue burden on their parents from having to drive them to and from a place of work.

Sell Items Online

Most teenagers are very adept at using the computer and accessing the Internet. Selling items on eBay can use these basic skills to create an income. The teen can sell items from his personal collection or can purchase items from places such as flea markets or yard sales to resell. This job would require a computer, an Internet connection and access to items to sell.

Have A Yard Sale

Teenagers can make money by having a yard sale. The young person can sell items from her personal collection of items. To operate a successful yard sale, the teen should advertise the sale on Craigslist, price the items low enough to guarantee a sale and place items where they can easily be seen from the roadway. To prevent a potential problem with local authorities, the young person should inquire if a permit is required to hold a yard sale in the neighbourhood.

Tutor A Student

Teenagers who are proficient in academics may find tutoring another student to be rewarding, both financially and morally. Many parents are willing to pay to have their children tutored. Teenagers could provide tutoring services much cheaper than a major corporate tutoring service. Check with the local school district to inquire if there is a process to become a tutor in the area.

Sell Homegrown Herbs

Teenagers can easily cultivate and grow an herb garden that will provide much needed money. Herbs can be grown in pots or in a small garden to minimise the amount of space needed. The herbs can be sold at local farmer's markets or even to local restaurants that desire fresh herbs and produce.

Sell Handmade Jewelry

Teenagers can earn extra money by making handmade jewellery, oftentimes referred to as "Art Jewelry." The skills to make this jewellery can often be learnt from a local library that offers classes. The jewellery that is made can be sold via multiple venues, both physical and online.

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