Lampshade Hat Ideas

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Do you have a lot of old, unused lampshades sitting around in your basement collecting dust? If so, it's time to whip those shades out and put them to use by making a lampshade hat. Lampshade hats can be a fun project with the kids or even an excellent party theme. Requiring all of your party guests to show up wearing a lampshade hat is sure to bring plenty of laughter and a unique element to your next gathering.

Giant Party Hat

Find a piece of poster board in a colour of your choice. Fashion the poster board in the shape of a cone around your lampshade and trim so it fits you. The result is a giant party hat. You can fashion a chin strap with a shoestring. Decorate as desired. Can be used for birthday and New Year's parties.

Memories Hat

This hat is perfect for lampshades made from cloth. You'll need a clothing iron, and ink jet printer and transfer paper designed for an ink jet printer. Pick a handful of photos (the more "embarrassing," the better), then print out using the transfer paper. Iron the images onto the lampshade according to the paper instructions. Perfect for "over the hill" parties and for using younger pictures of your honoree.

Animal Prints

This idea works best on a plastic shade. Pick your favourite animal print in craft paper or cloth. Use double-sided tape or tacky glue to adhere the animal print to the shade. This can match your outfit or simply be a fun accessory.

Hen Party

For a nontraditional hen party, try out a bachelorette lampshade theme. Attach a wire around the top front of the lampshade, and attach or drape a cloth across the wire like a curtain. Underneath your curtain is a perfect place for a surprise peep show with a racy picture, a witty anecdote or even an attached humorous figurine. Let your imagination run wild and you're bound to come up with a hilarious "shocker" the whole party will enjoy.

Pot of Gold

This is a great option for a St. Patrick's Day theme. Find a large, plastic black pot (usually can be found with the St. Patrick's Day decorations in retail stores). Attach to the lampshade by sliding the pot over the shade. If you select the proper size it should stay on with no problems, but if you have a little bit of sliding, simply use a thin line of tacky glue around the lip of the pot and press onto the shade. Decorate with four-leaf clovers, plastic gold coins, metallic gold sparkles or even a painted-on rainbow.

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