Types of fences for windy areas

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When considering installing a fence around a home or property, there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration. Some issues that need to be addressed are: the purpose of the fence, how much money is available for the project, and what area of the country the fence will be constructed in. There are many types and styles of fencing available, depending on the needs of the consumer. Certain fences are better choices for areas that sustain a lot of wind, such as the open plains of the Midwest.

Solid Board Fence

A solid board fence is constructed of vertical wood planks attached to horizontal rails. As the name implies, this gives a solid look, which gives total privacy and makes an ideal wind break, especially if the fence is installed properly with quality wood. A solid board fence can be inexpensive to very expensive, depending on the type of wood that is chosen for the construction.

Shadowbox Fence

A shadowbox fence is a good choice for those that live in close quarters with their neighbours because no one gets the "ugly" side of the fence. This fence is built of 4-by-4-inch posts with planks attached to alternating sides of the post. This is what gives the fence its "shadowbox" appearance. This type of fence can give almost total privacy, depending on the width of the planks used and the gap left between the planks. If a good gap is left between the planks, wind can pass through more readily. This type of fence is less likely to blow over or sustain wind damage than a solid fence.

Brick and Cement Fences

Brick and cement fences are the ultimate in privacy and wind protection. The most durable of all fences, they will not blow down and will provide a windbreak. In the appearance category, some people love the way they look and some do not like them. The main drawback to these types of fences is that they are expensive to install and, unless the homeowner is a bricklayer, they need to be professionally installed.

Iron Fence

An iron fence is one of the most popular choices in fencing because it fills so many needs all at one time. Iron fences come in many types and styles, which make them an ideal choice for decorative fencing. They are almost maintenance-free and are impervious to the elements. Iron fences are durable and will last a lifetime.

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