How to Build a Monster Truck Bed for a Boy

red truck engine image by Christopher Nolan from

Speciality beds don't have to be difficult or expensive to make. A boy's monster truck bed can be made from plywood for under £65. If you can build a basic box from wood, you can build a monster truck-themed bed. Paint your bed with household paint.

Add a few details and stickers and your bed will have a real monster truck feel.

Measure your bed and bed frame. Most children's mattresses are twin size, measuring 39 inches by 75 inches. The bed frame will add an additional two to three inches. Your monster truck bed needs to fit around the mattress and bed frame snugly for safety. Write down the bed's dimensions, then decide on the sizing of the various truck parts such as wheels and grill.

Sketch out a rough draft of your patterns on notebook paper. Study a picture of a monster truck for ideas. You'll need four rectangles. Two rectangles will act as the sides of the truck, and the other two will act as the tailgate and the front grill. Draw the doors. Also draw four wheels, two for each side piece and position to cover the legs of the bed frame. You may want to include more complex parts such as headlights, side mirrors or bumpers. Diagram how you will want to assemble the actual wood cutouts.

Redraw the patterns on the plywood using the specifications determined by your measurements and rough draft. Cut out using a circular saw. Sand the edges for safety using an electric sander with 100 grit medium sandpaper. You don't want splinters visible.

Paint the bed and accessories using the painting method of your choice. High gloss paint in bright colours or black will work best for boys. It may take several coats to achieve a shine like the paint of a vehicle. Sprinkle glitter over the half-dried paint to give it the flecks of shine that many trucks have. Consider using automobile paint available at auto parts stores.

Assemble parts around your bed frame. Use metal straps and screw the side of the truck bed and the door/window sections together. Attach the front grill, the tailgate and the wheels using the corner braces, one brace per wheel, and two braces on each side of the front and tailgate.

Detail. Add details such as dice at the front and an old number plate at the rear. Decals can be purchased at auto parts stores that include 'monster teeth' commonly seen on the front of semis or icons that stick to windows. Also consider cutting out holes for the side windows and replacing the wood with plexiglass for a more realistic look.