Children's BBC Games

The Children's BBC, or CBBC, is an afternoon block of programming on the English TV channel directed towards children. The programming changes periodically, but the website keeps many of the games on it from previous shows. You can download many of these children's games from the website for free.

Welly Wanger

Wellington boots, often called galoshes in the United States, are sometimes called "Wellies" by the Brits. In this game, you control the speed and angle with which Piggy "wangs" (throws) the Welly into the air. Your goal is to launch the boot as far as you can. It will hit items like balloons, mattresses, trampolines and even hovercraft in the air. You have three attempts to get the footwear as far as possible.


"Roar" provides players with the opportunity to run a zoo or wildlife park full of wild animals. Fill your park with your favourite animals and give them the food and love that they need. Each day, you can use a new code for more in-game items. If you bored of your own park, you can visit those of friends and top players.

Blue Peter: Turkish Bizarre

"Blue Peter" is a long-running children's variety show. In this game, you play as one of the hosts who is climbing a Turkish tower collecting pieces of candy, called Turkish Delight, while attempting to outrun a rising tide of olive oil. Some of the levels have enemies, such as wrestlers, who are trying to stop your ascent. Collect as many candies as you can on your way to the door at the top of the tower.

Sarah Jane Adventures: Think Before You Sonic

In the sci-fi series "Doctor Who," Sarah Jane is one of the main characters. She is the Doctor's assistants. One of their well-known tools is the Sonic Screwdriver. In this game, you have to figure out how to get Sarah Jane to the Tardis, the Doctor's vehicle. To do this, you draw platforms using the Sonic Screwdriver and Sarah's ability to jump. The tool also helps protect Sarah Jane from many of the Doctor's enemies.

Richards Hammonds Blast Lab: The Rat Lab

"The Rat Lab" explores science through a series of animations. The game features items like magnets, seesaws, fans, and pumps. The game includes a number of different settings that will affect the Lab Rats, the characters in jumpsuits on your screen, depending on what you choose to use on them.