What Household Products Kill Different Types of Bees?

Bees image by Lochinvar Sturdy from Fotolia.com

Bees can be a huge problem for any homeowner. Carpenter bees, honey bees or any other type of bee can make your backyard and front yard less enjoyable. The constant buzzing and the threat of being stung is enough to keep neighbours away and your family indoors.

If you notice a swarm of bees or a nest on your property, you will not have to make a trip to the store to buy a can of pesticide. There are several household products you can use that are effective on all types of bees.

Dish Soap

Dish soap is one of the most effective and inexpensive household items you can use to kill any type of bee. There are several ways to use dish soap to get rid of bees. The first is to pour dish soap around the edges of a nest. The chemical agents in the soap will not only kill the bees but the soap will also stick, making it difficult for the bees to escape. Another method is to mix dish soap with water. This soapy solution is placed in a spray bottle and applied directly on the bees or into the nest. It may take a minute or two for the bees to die, but they eventually will.


Turpentine is commonly used as a paint thinner or solvent and is known to have very powerful fumes that can become overwhelming to people. These chemical fumes can also become overwhelming to bees (especially the carpenter bee) and actually kill bees while they are in the nest. All you have to do is pour turpentine in a large jar and place it no more than six feet underneath the nest. The chemical fumes will rise and overwhelm the bees. Even if some bees are able to escape the fumes of the turpentine, they will not return to the nest because the turpentine makes the nest uninhabitable.

Cleaning Liquids

Cleaning liquids are the easiest way to kill bees. Most cleaning liquids such as glass cleaners and tile cleaners will kill bees almost instantly, some cleaners already come in spray bottles, and nearly every household has some type of cleaner on hand. The most common cleaning liquid used to kill bees is glass cleaner. All you need to do is spray the cleaner directly onto the bees and they will die almost instantly.