Ideas for 80th birthday gifts

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Reaching 80 years old is a moment that should be celebrated and cherished. Let a loved one who is turning 80 know how much you care with gifts that help him reflect on his achievements and memories of the past.

You can present these gifts at a special party or dinner in honour of your loved one---or you can make the party part of his gift.

A Party

Host a party for a friend turning 80 years old. DGreetings suggests setting up old photos from a family photo album at the party by placing them in frames. Provide music at the party and give your friend an opportunity to show off his moves.


Hire a videographer to tell the story of your friend's life through interviews and photos. This gift could cost several thousand dollars because of the time and effort required to produce a documentary. However, you may be able to get discounts if you can find a documentary film student or someone who is trying to break into the business. The documentary should include interviews from family and friends in order to tell the story of the birthday person's life from birth up to his 80th birthday.

Personalised Memory Book

Like many elderly folks, men and women turning 80 years old thrive on encouragement and the love of their family members and friends. Show the octogenarian in your life how much you appreciate him by asking party guests to fill the pages of a memory book with personal messages and words of encouragement. Present the book to the birthday person at his party.

Professional Family Portrait

Because family means so much to elderly men and women, a professional family portrait that features the birthday person and his family members will be a long-treasured gift. Invite a professional photographer to an afternoon birthday party that is held outside if possible. Allow the photographer to arrange family members around the birthday person. For creative and contemporary photos, it helps if you have a prop---such as a leather armback chair or even a hammock. The birthday person sits in the chair or lays in the hammock, while family members gather around for the photo.

"The 80 Reasons We Love You" Book

Design a coffee table book that is titled, "The 80 Reasons We Love You." Collaborate with other family members to come up with 80 humorous and serious reasons why the birthday person is special. Type this text into a coffee table book template, and upload photographs of the birthday person and family members to accompany the text.