Do-It-Yourself Conversion Van Ideas

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Owners can buy old vans relatively cheaply and can take part in a series of different conversion projects. If a van has to remain practical for work use, it can still receive an eye-catching display of colour. If the conversion is part of a hobby project, however, the scope for ideas is almost endless.

Imagine the freedom of being able to pitch up your van by the side of a beautiful lake knowing that you'll be able to sleep in warmth and comfort if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Work Vans

A work van does not have to be dull and unimaginative. An exciting paint job can easily get your van noticed, especially if company logos are integrated into the actual design instead of using transfers or stickers. Metal flake finishes are particularly eye-catching and you can even complement attractive paintwork with alloy wheels. Modify the interior of the van to accommodate racking that safely stores away tools and work materials. Fit inner wooden panels to keep heavy objects from denting fresh paintwork from the inside. As well as being instantly recognisable in day-to-day use, a work van that has received a little custom treatment will also turns heads at trade shows and business fairs.

Camper Van

Forget the hassle of putting up tents or organising expensive hotels by converting a standard van into a camper van. The driving area of the van can usually remain intact but the back should be fully stripped so you can add home comforts. A medium-sized van will comfortably accommodate two pull-down beds while seating and tables remain as permanent fixtures. Remember to leave storage space for patio chairs and tables, and consider purchasing a custom-made awning that attaches to the outside of the van so you can make the best of great weather. A small generator built into a closed box will help to power cooking equipment, portable televisions and mini fridges.

Catering Wagon

Put a larger van to use as a catering wagon. A conversion to LPG is essential and owners need to meet a series of requirements to fulfil health and safety guidelines. Ventilation is a necessity and you must fit the van with flame-retardant materials. Install cleanable hygienic surfaces as well. Use your imagination and opt for something other than familiar catering wagon items like hamburgers or hot dogs. Healthy salads, cold submarine sandwiches and Turkish kebabs are all popular items that sell from mobile outlets.

Handicapped Persons Van

Mobility is a key issue for disabled persons. You can use a van for transporting wheelchairs and their occupants on either a private or commercial basis. You will need to fit the van with a lifting mechanism that can be accessed from the rear of the vehicle. The inside of the van will also require modification so you can safely position wheelchairs and fix them into place without violating road safety laws. You could use the van as part of a small business enterprise that transports handicapped persons to hospitals but auto insurance costs will be considerable if the vehicle is used for such purposes.