Lyrical costume ideas

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Lyrical dance dresses are a popular choice for dance troupes because they are designed to accentuate the form and movement of the dancer. Lyrical dance dresses may be plain, but they come in a rainbow of colours. Dresses that are colourful and have few details give costume designers a blank canvas for their creations. When you're using lyrical dance dresses to create costumes, focus your design on the movement of the dancers and the role your costume plays in your production.


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Jazz productions are about precise, sexy movements, so use shorter lyrical dance dresses that accentuate the legs. Use glitter and sequins to create the look of pinstripes. If you choose a halter-style dress, sew fabric along the front strap of the halter to create a collar. Use differently coloured wigs and fishnet stockings to help the costume pop.


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For ballet productions, use longer lyrical dresses. This style elongates the dancer's upper body, and the longer skirt also adds an extra bit of flair to her movements. Sew ribbons or a train to the dress--their movement resulting from the dancer's steps adds a flowing beauty to the dance. If it's a fantasy production, sprinkle the dress with glitter and weave flowers, vines or other relevant items into the costume.

Interpretive Dance

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Because interpretive dance is usually a minimalist art form, your costume should focus on the contours of the body and the movement of the dancers. Use fabric paint or markers to outline the contours of the dancers body. Focus your attention on the areas around the stomach and arms. Add elements of glitter to make the costume pop.

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