25th wedding anniversary gifts for husbands

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Twenty-fifth wedding anniversaries, also known as silver anniversaries, are a special occasion for married couples. Many couples choose to incorporate silver into their gifts to celebrate. There are a wide variety of gifts that you can buy for your husband to commemorate this special day.

Silver Cufflinks

Silver cufflinks are a great way to commemorate a silver anniversary. To add a personal touch to the cufflinks, have them engraved with your husbands initials or name. Your husband will enjoy a pair of silver cufflinks because they are both a personal and a practical gift.

Silver Anniversary Frame

A silver anniversary frame is a personal, nostalgic gift that will remind him of the day you got married. Opt to purchase a two sided frame so that you can place a photo from the day of your wedding on one side and a photo from your 25th anniversary on the other.

  • A silver anniversary frame is a personal, nostalgic gift that will remind him of the day you got married.

For a more modern version of this gift, consider a digital photo frame. Digital photo frames can hold a variety of photos that are uploaded from your computer. The picture that is displayed in the frame changes at set intervals.

Aged Wine

A bottle of wine that was made the year you were married is a romantic way to celebrate this special occasion together. Aged wines have a rich and distinct taste.

Silver Money Clip

According to Happy-anniversary.com, a silver money clip is a great modern gift idea for your husband. A money clip can be engraved with your husband's name or initials for a more personal touch.

Engraved Watch

A silver engraved watch is a practical and personal gift that your husband will enjoy. Have the back side of the watch engraved with a sentimental message from you. Ideas to consider are your wedding date, your names, a line from your wedding vows or a simple love quote.

Golf Certificate

If your husband enjoys playing golf, a certificate for a day at the driving range is a great way to treat him. Most golf courses sell certificates for balls, equipment, meals and course time.