What Are the Benefits of Being a Military Wife?

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Being a military wife can mean lots of moving around and long periods of separation from your husband. Fortunately, the military provides many benefits to ease the hardship, from discounted shopping and activities to support through transitions.

Being a military wife means that you have a built-in support system at your disposal, and it is important to learn to take advantage of the opportunities available to help you lead a happy, healthy life.


When living on a military base, quality government housing is provided to families. When government housing is not available, a Basic Housing Allowance (BHA) is given at rates that allow service members to have zero out-of-pocket expenses. This lessens the financial burden on the wife and family, and makes frequent moves an easier transition.


It is a special privilege as a military wife to be able to travel and live in different parts of the country and the world. The military makes it easy by providing lots of relocation information and services for military wives. Available resources include moving checklists, damage/loss protection, do-it-yourself (DITY) moves, installation guides, deals and discounts, insurance, help transporting pets, shipping and storage, and discount travel.

Health care and Insurance Benefits

Health care coverage for military wives and their children is excellent and affordable. While many people in this country struggle to afford health care, the military ensures that the families of their servicemen receive the care they need at a reasonable cost with TRICARE. Life insurance benefits ensure the livelihood of the family in case the husband is killed in active duty.


There are over 700 companies that extend their thanks to military servicemen and their families through discounts. From theme parks and restaurants to cell phones and auto loans, military wives receive many discounts that nonmilitary citizens do not. On base, commissary, exchanges and MWR (morale, welfare, and recreational) privileges are often available. This allows military wives to use many of the base's facilities free or at a low cost, and can include groceries, boat rentals, movies, libraries and auto care.


When you are a military wife you have a built-in community to support you. Everywhere you go you will meet other military wives who can understand and empathise with your situation. You can share pride, joy and sadness within the close-knit military community.

Educational/Training Opportunities

Military wives can take advantage of free and low-cost educational opportunities available to them. There are over 4,000 military-friendly schools which may offer you special credit, grants, flexible class schedules and more, just for being a military wife. The military encourages wives to pursue their own dreams and aspirations while supporting their husbands.