Styrofoam beads are normally used as stuffing for items such as bean bags or even cat toys. Styrofoam is another name for polystyrene foam. There are a number of dangers associated with styrofoam beads. To avoid these dangers, take certain precautions if you have styrofoam beads in your house.


Toxic to Pets

If swallowed by a household pet, styrofoam beads can cause a toxic reaction. If your pet eats any styrofoam beads, take him to the vet immediately to check for reactions or blockages in your pet's airway or digestive tract.


Styrofoam Bead Spillage

Bean bags stuffed with styrofoam beads can develop holes if they are worn out or punctured. Styrofoam beads can spill out onto the floor, creating a hazard for anyone who might walk past. Those who are unsteady on their feet could easily slide and trip on the styrofoam beads, causing them to hurt themselves.



Styrofoam beads are flammable. Keeping them near to fire can cause them to burst into flames. Styrofoam beads can also catch fire by friction, heat or sparks. Styrofoam beads burn quickly and can even reignite once the fire has been put out. Styrofoam beads release toxic fumes when on fire, which can affect those nearby.

  • Styrofoam beads are flammable.
  • Styrofoam beads can also catch fire by friction, heat or sparks.

Environmental Dangers

Styrofoam beads pose a threat to the environment as they are not easily recyclable. To break them down, they must be melted using special equipment. Since burning styrofoam beads can release toxic gases into the air, they can damage the environment even when they are being recycled.