How to Dispose of Fiberglass Insulation

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Many houses contain fibreglass insulation that must eventually be disposed of. Due to the semi-hazardous nature of fibreglass insulation, it cannot simply be tossed into a dumpster and forgotten.

It's very important to deal with the insulation properly, both to protect the environment and to avoid possible legal consequences of improper disposal.

Place small amounts of fibreglass insulation in a tough plastic bag such as a zipper storage bag. Squeeze out the air before sealing the bag to reduce the risk of popping.

Place the closed storage bag inside of a second bag for added protection. Squeeze out the air and seal the second bag.

Throw the fibreglass and bags into the trash.

Contact your local sanitation or transfer station to find out where you can take large amounts of fibreglass insulation.

Double bag the insulation in tough garbage bags. Tie each bag securely shut.

Take the bags to the designated disposal location. You will likely have to pay a fee based on the volume of the insulation you're disposing of.