Ideas for Local Community Projects

Give back to your community by organising or participating in a local community project. Whether you own a business, or want to get your family involved, there are a variety of service projects that you can take part in during your free time on weekends or after work.

Plant a Garden

Take part in a community beautification project, that's also good for the environment, such as planting a garden. Select a location that receives heavy traffic, such as a school or church, and organise residents who have an interest in gardening or gardening experience to assist with this project. Both young and mature residents can enjoy this local community project.

Host a Book Drive

Collect books for a local education-based organisation such as a charity or child care centre. These organisations may not have books readily available, as they may lack the funding, so a book-drive can help towards their literacy efforts. Encourage members of your community to drop off new and used books to designated drop-off locations throughout the area.

Job Shadowing

Partner with local high schools in your area to offer job shadowing days to students who are interested in working for a business similar to yours, or in your industry. During the job shadowing days, show kids what you do each day and how your business benefits the community.

Offer Pro Bono Services

If you run a small business and provide services such as bookkeeping, marketing, writing or design, offer your services to a charity or other non-profit in your community. Designate a certain number of hours or come up with a listing of specific services you're willing to offer on a pro bono basis. Pro bono services can help small business owners get press for their businesses, while giving back to the community.

Playground Cleanup

Keep playgrounds free and clear of trash and harmful items that negatively affect children and families at play. A playground cleanup might include removing trash, repairing playground equipment that needs screws tightened or rust removed, removing weeds from nearby grass or adding a fresh coat of paint.

Clean a Stream

Check local streams for trash, such as aluminium cans, food wrappers, plastic bags and other items, that may be hazardous to animals who live in and near the area. Leave items leaves, logs and twigs, as they may provide animals with shelter. If you find larger items in the stream, such as cars or appliances, contact your state department for assistance, as moving large items may be problematic if animals are trapped underneath.

Cover Graffiti

Graffiti artists sometimes wreak havoc on communities by spray painting the walls of businesses, homes, buildings and other community fixtures. Gather residents to paint the walls in the community that are affected. Cover graffiti with positive, inspiring murals or with a fresh coat of paint.

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