The Disadvantages of Using Windows Live Picture Sharing

With the advantages provided by Windows Live, a suite of different Microsoft software applications that can be easily downloaded from the Internet, many things become much easier for the computer literate. Photo sharing websites such as have gained popularity, so Microsoft included a picture-sharing program in Windows Live to make sharing photos even simpler for its customers. However, there are some difficulties with this particular application.


The Windows Live Picture Sharing program tags pictures that are put into its database. These tags are words that describe the photograph so you can type a keyword to search through your photo gallery and locate the pictures you're looking for. Windows Live Picture Sharing stores these tags in the database with the photo, but it also attaches the tags inside the file that represents the photograph. Because of this tagging system, there may be problems when sharing pictures between Windows Live Picture Sharing and other picture viewing programs such as iPhoto that don't use this tagging method.


One of the biggest issues that Windows Live Picture Sharing has encountered is Compatibility. Getting this photo sharing program to work on a Macintosh computer or getting it to work between a Macintosh and a PC can take a great deal of careful file arranging and key punching. It can be an impossible task for someone who isn't well versed in how computers work.

No Partial Download

Windows Live Picture Sharing is part of a very large suite of programs that include a movie maker, a messenger program, an e-mail service and others. The download for Windows Live is free, but you can't pick and choose the programs that you want from the suite when you do download them. If the only program you want is Windows Live Picture Sharing, then you have to download all the other programs to get the one you want. This means that either you have to waste a lot of storage space on your computer to hold programs you won't use, or you have to go through one at a time and delete all of the other programs in the suite after you have downloaded them.

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