Can you block someone from your business page on Facebook?

Administrating a Facebook business page, or Fan page, gives you a way to promote your brand or product and engage with your fans. This feature may require a bit of maintenance from time to time. If you have a rogue fan who pesters you or other fans of the page, consider blocking him.

Reasons for Blocking Someone

The most common reasons you'd want to block someone from your Facebook page is to eliminate the potential for abusive or inappropriate comments. For example, if a fan of the Facebook business page repeatedly posts comments that offend you or others, you may want to reply to the person and give him a warning. If he repeats the offence, consider blocking him.

The Effects of Blocking Someone

When someone is blocked from your Facebook business page, he is no longer listed as a fan of the page. Your Wall posts and status updates will no longer appear in his News Feed, and he'll be unable to comment on your page updates.

How to Block Someone

Sign in to Facebook and access the page administration panel. Click on "People Like This" beneath the total fan display number. This brings up the list of the page's fans. Scroll down until you find the person you want to block. Click on the "X" next to her name, click on "Ban Permanently" and then click "OK."

How to Unblock Someone

Click on the "People Like This" link in your page administration panel. On the top bar, select "Banned" to view the list of blocked/banned people. Click "Unban" next to the person's name. The person is again a fan of the page and has permissions restored.

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