Script Supervisor Salary

A script supervisor is a vital part of the production department on television shows, movies and commercials. The script supervisor is responsible for maintaining continuity during the shooting of the project. This is done by creating a shooting script as filming progresses. Average salaries for script supervisors vary depending on experience and project budget.

No Experience

If you have no experience as a script supervisor, it can be difficult to secure a job. As a result, you may have to work for free to gain experience. Calling around to production companies and asking if you can volunteer or intern with a script supervisor can help you gain this experience. Since you will be learning, your pay will likely only be your meals.


With experience, you can get paid a daily rate as a script supervisor. For an entry-level script supervisor, the average rate of pay is about £195 per day. All work is done on the set of the film, TV show or commercial. The average pay rate for script supervisors increases from there, depending on the budget of the show, film or commercial and how much experience you possess.

Low Budget

Film, commercials and TV shows with lower budgets typically pay less per day. Even with many years of experience, you may only get £195 per day as a script supervisor. Lower budget projects are typically filmed quickly, which means you end up making less money overall. This is due to the fact that script supervisors are paid on a daily rate instead of a per-project rate. Some low budget projects even do deferred pay, which means you do not get paid unless the project makes money.

Big Budget

Working on a project with a large budget allows you to earn a much higher day rate as a script supervisor. Big-budget projects also usually shoot over a longer period, which allows you to accrue many more days of pay. The average pay for a script supervisor on a big-budget project is £390 per day. However, more experienced script supervisors on big-budget projects can earn in excess of that daily amount. The exact amount depends on the budget of the project.

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