The average salary of a stunt double

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Stunt doubles perform dangerous feats for actors in television and movie productions. They do not have an annual salary because they work intermittently and are paid by the day or by the week, according to contract rates.


As of June 10, 2010, the Screen Actors Guild contract stipulates that stunt performers and coordinators earn a minimum of £525 per day. All rates are for theatre and television.


For a week, both stunt coordinators who are not under a "flat deal" and stunt performers receive a minimum of £1,959.

Longer Terms

Performers earn £1,565 per week for 10 to 19 weeks, and £1,303 for 20 or more weeks. Coordinators get £3,222 per for longer terms called "flat deal." For TV, stunt performers receive £2,158 for half-hour and one-hour shows, £2,392 for 1.5-hour shows and £2,656 for two-hour show. On a "flat deal," coordinators make £2,383 per week. For three-day contracts, coordinators make £1,680 for half-hour and one-hour shows, or £1,877 for 1.5- to two-hour shows.