Packaging for Desserts

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Desserts come in all shapes and sizes. An important consideration when making desserts is how to transport them once they are completed. Sometimes a container doesn't have to look pretty and can serve to merely get a dessert from one place to another.

Cakes with frosting, chocolates that melt easily and pies that must remain upright all have appropriate containers. For bakeries and cake decorators though, pretty packaging can make desserts more appealing. Packaging can come in the form of bags, boxes or baskets.

Individual Items

A big trend is to sell individual and mini-cupcakes in fancy boxes. A brightly coloured box, such as pink or purple, turns a single cupcake into an elegant presentation. Cupcake holders can be placed inside the box to keep the cupcake centred. A nice addition to any dessert box is to have a see-through plastic window on top of the box. A pretty ribbon can be a fun final touch to the dessert box. These kinds of boxes work well for individual slices of cake, pie and pastries.

Decorative Cakes

Decorative cakes and fancy desserts can be a problem to package when one must consider keeping the dessert intact and presentable. When delivering extravagant sculptural cakes or extremely large desserts, outer packaging is often omitted. Fortunately, bakery boxes, though not always festive in larger sizes, can accommodate less elaborate cakes as large as 14 inches. A new trend is to use environmentally friendly paper boxes for cakes and desserts. Eco-friendly containers come in various colours and sizes.

Chocolates, Cookies and Candies

Smaller desserts are usually much easier to package. If chocolates or candy are individually wrapped in foil wrappers, they can be packaged in cellophane, foil or paper bags. Most cookies can easily be wrapped in cellophane or tin foil. For a distinctive gift, edible boxes made out of chocolate or cookies can provide a unique dessert container. Tins and metal canisters lined with parchment paper can also be used to package small desserts.

Other Desserts

Packaging for desserts is primarily used to transport the items without contamination and without incident. Beautiful handmade wooden baskets have traditionally been used to carry pies. Chocolate delivery is a consideration, because any container must be insulated to keep the chocolates from melting. Ice cream canisters must also have some insulation to keep the ice cream from melting too quickly. There are also thermal containers that will keep any item warm. These are good for pieces of pie that have just come out of the oven or warm bread pudding.