Dory Halloween Costume Ideas

In the film "Finding Nemo," Ellen DeGeneres lends her voice to the animated character Dory. The character displays loyalty and an ever optimistic attitude despite major memory problems. Dory is a cartoon but based on a real type of fish, namely a blue tang, which is otherwise known as palette surgeonfish. Only the adult blue tangs are actually blue. Creating a costume based on the character Dory allows for a colourful and distinctive outfit.

Infant Costume

Start an infant Dory costume with a dark blue jumper, sleeper or other one-piece outfit. White eyes with black pupils should be added to the hood with fabric paint or by gluing fabric. Add fins to the outfit with glue. The fins should be blue on the back and yellow on the front. Two fins should be added to each side, with one large tail fin attached to the feet of the outfit.

Child's Costume

A Dory costume for children can start with either a dark blue one-piece pajama outfit or other blue clothing. The face can be painted blue with make-up, or a blue ski mask could be worn. Add eyes with fabric paint or cloth glued to the hood of the outfit. Make fins with blue fabric on the back and yellow on the front. Attach two fins each to the sides; one large fin can be attached like an apron near the bottom of the costume or on the seat of the outfit.

Teen and Adult Costumes

Dark blue clothing starts a Dory costume for teens and adults. Blue make-up on the face proves effective for creating the vision. Those with sensitivity to make-up could opt for a full face mask of blue. Add eyes to the hood of the costume. Fins that are blue on the back and yellow on the front should be added to the sides (two on each side). An alternate approach to the costume involves blue shorts over black trousers; with this look, a yellow tail fin should be attached to the seat of the shorts.

Tips and Precautions

While pulled-together costumes work, sewing original costumes allows for more realism. A larger sized torso can be constructed to convey the round shape of Dory. Padding can be added via fiberfill or even pillows. In fact, even an assembled costume can be improved by using oversized clothing and stuffing with pillows to achieve the proper shaping. When using make-up, test a small area first for sensitivity before doing a full application. Never get make-up near the eyes.

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