Crocodile Crafts

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Whether you are teaching kids about animals that lurk in swampy waters, or are complementing your lesson plan on the letter C, crocodile crafts are a good way to stimulate and interest your group of children. Through crocodile crafts, kids learn about the characteristics that distinguish them from alligators, and get to have hands-on experience making art projects that they can keep or give away as gifts.

Crocodile Clips

Kids can make crocodile clips using clothespins. Begin by painting the clothespins green with tempera paint and allowing it to dry. Cut out small triangles from white craft foam to serve as the croc's teeth. The white foam triangles get glued to the top and bottom portion of the longer opening of the clothespin. Since crocodiles have longer snouts than alligators, this craft project uses the longer end of the clothespin for the mouth. Glue googly eyes to the clothespin spring with craft glue. Kids can cut out small triangles from green craft foam to glue to the top of the clothespin, representing the crocodile's scales.

Plastic Bottle Crocodile

Make crocodiles out of empty 499ml. plastic bottles. For this project, the front of the crocodile is the spout of the bottle. Use four bottle caps and glue them to the underside of the bottle to be the crocodile's feet. Take the bottle and cover it with green tissue paper. Glue the tissue paper down so that it does not move from its wrapped position. Leave extra tissue paper at the back and twist it around to make it look like a long tail that sticks out, and make sure the tissue paper also covers the bottle cap feet. Use green craft foam to cut out small triangles to serve as the crocodile's scales on top and as its feet, and white foam triangles can be the croc's teeth. Googly eyes are glued on the top to complete the face.

Crocodile Paper Craft

For a younger group of kids, design a less complex craft project that allows them to cut out and glue together a paper crocodile. Start by providing kids with a crocodile template, with different sections of the crocodile separated out, such as one template for the head, one for the feet, and one for the tail. Have the kids colour in the template paper with green markers or crayons and then cut out the pieces. Provide blue construction paper and allow the kids to glue the crocodile together on the blue paper to make a background image of the crocodile being in water.

Crocodile Bookmark

Another relatively simple crocodile craft project is making crocodile bookmarks. Using green craft foam, have kids trace jumbo-size craft sticks with markers and then cut out the shapes. Kids glue googly eyes to one of the sides that will resemble the crocodile's face. With black marker, scales are drawn in rows along the crocodile's body. To make the crocodile's distinct snout, instruct kids to cut out a triangle and glue it to the face of the crocodile, thereby lengthening the bookmark with a pointy snout.

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