Factory Reconditioned Ryobi Tools

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Ryobi power tools are marketed to homeowners who want a more durable tool. Ryobi tools are not the cheapest tool in a local home centre. They are priced higher than low end, entry level promotional tools and yet less than professional quality contractor tools. In the secondary market, factory reconditioned Ryobi tools are available at significantly lower prices, and as such are an attractive purchase.

Hand and Bench Tools

Ryobi makes a full line of hand and bench power tools. Craftsmen at any skill level can find a Ryobi tool which is suited for their woodworking needs. Among these tools are circular saws and routers, portable table saws and drills. Ryobi manufactures more than 100 different varieties and most of these tools are available in a secondary, factory-reconditioned market. Upon becoming a well-known name for basic tools, Ryobi expanded its line-up, and now offers portable and lightweight speciality tools such as tile saws, laminate saws, air nailers and compressors.

Outdoor Tools

Ryobi also manufactures outdoor power equipment, such as lawn and leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, chain saws and lawnmowers. Ryobi's gas-powered lawn maintenance products are available in two-cycle and four-cycle models to meet the demands of any situation. What all these tools have in common is they are uncomplicated, and made to be reliable. With the right equipment, any of these tools can be stripped down, cleaned, and restored to factory-like conditions before resold on the secondary market.

Cordless Tools

Cordless tools have taken over a significant portion of the homeowner and professional contractor tool market. Ryobi has been in the middle of the pack as tools have evolved from 7.2V models to the large 18V high capacity power tools. Ryobi makes standard NiCad battery-powered tools, and a full line of the new lithium ion powered tools. One of the best values in reconditioned tools is a Ryobi Combo kit that features 3-5 cordless, battery powered tools, all powered by the same platform battery and charger. These kits retail between £195 and £325 when new. As a reconditioned tool, customers can often purchase them at a savings of 50 to 60 per cent .

Advantages of Reconditioned Tools

Customers willing to purchase factory reconditioned products receive a host of benefits. Many of these tools cost 50 per cent less than retail versions of the same tool. These tools are not damaged or defective. Rather, factory certified technicians have rebuilt, cleaned and tested the tools before repackaging them. Some of the tools sold as factory-reconditioned are discontinued or unclaimed freight merchandise which was never out of the package. In addition, factory reconditioned equipment typically includes a manufacturer's warranty.

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