Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in the Countryside

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Countryside living may be said to be the best if you're talking to someone who loves the country. A person who grew up in the city may not be satisfied living in the country. They both have good and bad points.

Some people need the excitement a city can offer while others need the serenity that country living can provide.

Peace and Privacy

The countryside offers peace and quiet. If there is noise, it's a good noise. It may be the sound of a tractor running, chickens squawking or a dog chasing a cat. In the long run, everything quiets down at dark. Whereas in the city, you've heard the hustle and bustle of all-day traffic and the hum of a hundred voices all chanting at once. The evening is when it really starts up. The nightlife and screeching tires may make you wish you were living in the countryside.

Laundry and Shopping

Shopping to someone who lives in the country may only be done on weekends to save gas and time. Anything needed during the week is usually picked up on the way home from work. No quick trips to the mall. Buses and cabs are not an option. Most areas in the city either don't have room or residents are not allowed to hang sheets and laundry on lines outside. In the countryside, you can have as many clotheslines as you want.


Apartment dwellers and residential tenants in the city are either not allowed to have domestic pets or they must pay extra monthly fees for them. The pets that may be allowed are usually smaller, inside animals. In the countryside and, especially if you own the property, it's not unusual to have two or three outside dogs and a cat or two. There are animal control laws in the countryside, but farms and large homes are expected to have pets.


As for gardening, apartment complexes in the city usually don't offer any type of garden space in the yard. Residential homes are normally on 1 acre lots or even less, which leave little room for a good-sized vegetable garden. A city dweller may have one little spot or corner in which to grow something. Flower gardens may only be potted plants and an herb garden may only be found on windowsills. In the countryside, there is room for all types of gardens, if that's what the homeowner desires. There aren't really any regulations pertaining to gardening in the countryside.