A printable simple wedding checklist

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Since wedding planning can be overwhelming, time consuming and expensive, it's best to have a clear, succinct list of everything you'll need to do to get ready for the big day. You can print out a ready-made list with typical wedding day planning ideas. Remember, if you're attempting to plan a wedding in six months or less, you'll have to prioritise and check off the largest items first.

Checklists by Months

Todays-Weddings.com offers a printable checklist for twelve months of wedding planning. It breaks tasks into time periods, starting with what you'll want to get in order one year or more before your wedding date. Tasks include having the bride's and groom's families meet, setting a wedding date and booking a wedding planner. When you're nine to 11 months away from your wedding, the checklist has to-do items such as searching for wedding vendors and preparing an initial guest list. When you're six to eight months from your date, Todays-Weddings.com suggest that you start your gift registry, purchase the wedding gown and send Save the Date cards. It then breaks up tasks that have to be done four to five months prior to the wedding and then month-by-month for the last three months of planning. The two weeks before the date are broken down as well, as is the day before the wedding and the actual wedding day. LittleWeddingGuide.com has a similar printable checklist as well.

Work Sheets

RealSimple.com offers wedding worksheets so that you can sort out all of your wedding details clearly. The wedding budget worksheet helps you to manage your money and details how much money you have budgeted, the estimates your vendors will give you and how much you ended up spending in the end. The wedding vendor contact list lets your organise contact information for your baker, florist, venue, caterer, band or DJ, officiant, videographer and photographer, dress shop and wedding planner.

Wedding Party and Guests

Aside from a wedding "To Do" checklist, you'll want to print out a list of both your wedding party and guests. For the members of your wedding party, include their phone numbers, e-mail addresses and mailing address - this way, you'll have their information at your fingertips so that you can get in touch with them when you need. Write a guest list as well and include the correct spelling of their first and last names, their mailing addresses and whether or not they're attending the wedding. This will come in useful when you have to give the final headcount to your caterer and when you write thank you notes after the wedding.


If you're planning a wedding in a short amount of time, such as six months or less, you'll still have to get most of the tasks done as you would if you had more time to plan. LDSWeddings.com offers a condensed checklist for a wedding that needs to be planned in six months. Organise all of your planning, ideas, lists, receipts and order forms in one wedding binder. You'll want to do this from the very beginning of your wedding planning.

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