Things to do for your 32nd birthday

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You've already reached the milestone of turning 30, but you've still got more celebration left in you to make each year of your 30s memorable.

As your 32nd birthday approaches, think of your life goals and some of the fun things you want to accomplish, or organise a more "grown-up" but enjoyable celebration to show how you've matured over the years, and to make your 32nd birthday one you'll look back on fondly.

Personalised 32nd Birthday Dinner

If you're known for the wild birthday parties you've had in the past and want to portray a more mature image to your family and friends in your 30s, organise a birthday dinner that is both sophisticated and customised. For instance, go to a wine shop in your area and purchase a wine bottled in the late 70s (the same year you were born) to serve with dinner. Hire a string quartet or jazz trio to play at the celebration, instead of the rock cover bands you would have selected in your younger days -- but request that the musicians play some of your favourite songs. Instead of a keg, organise a flavoured beer tasting, and serve guests a more "adult" version of one of your favourite treats, such as chocolate chip creme brulee with shortbreads instead of chocolate chip cookies.

70s Birthday Party

Gather your friends and loved ones for a birthday party that celebrates the decade you were born -- the 70s. Send out invitations in the shape of disco balls or platform shoes, and encourage everyone to dress up and prepare to dance. Clear the floor in the living room or den for a Soul Train line, and hold a fashion contest to determine who has the largest Afro wig, highest platform shoes, or bell bottoms with the most flare. Use an enlarged baby photo of you as the main table centrepiece, and organise a game where you ask family members and lifelong friends questions to see how well they know you. Send the winner home with a poster from a '70s TV show like Scooby Doo or Happy Days, or a key chain with a disco ball or mini vinyl record charm.

"Day of Taking Risks"

Spend the entire 24 hours of your 32nd birthday doing things you've never done before, big or small. Visit the salon and get a drastic haircut or colour that you've always wanted to try; complete your look by selecting new clothes for your wardrobe that are a break from your normal style. Go to the beach with your girlfriends, after purchasing your first bikini -- complete your risk-taking birthday by receiving surfing or water-skiing lessons while you're there. Or, drive with your family and friends to the nearest skydiving or bungee-jumping facility and experience the exhilaration of doing something daring, so your 32nd birthday will truly be one to remember.

Major Birthday Gift Purchase

Prepare for your 32nd birthday months or even a year ahead of time by organising a major purchase on your special day. Start saving up six months in advance to buy the newest model of your favourite vehicle for your birthday. Or, put money aside each month so you can make a significant renovation on your home, like getting new granite counter tops for the kitchen, or converting the garage into your home office. Or, purchase a leisure vehicle like a motorcycle or boat to wish yourself a happy birthday, and test drive the gift with friends and loved ones to make the day complete.